Lazy Panda Foundation

...EMPOWERING OUR YOUTHS, to become great volunteers and extraordinary leaders!

Through donations we receive from our supporters, we at The Lazy Panda Foundation are able to provide the kids of our community free school supplies annually as well as an opportunity to attend a summer camp of their choice.

Our journey to help as many kids possible has lead us to many communities outside of our own. From hosting sneaker drives to raise funds to repair our local Boys and Girls club, to meeting inner city kids in Philadelphia, listening to their dreams and passion to become future leaders of their own community.

This journey has been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to helping a community near you soon! Thank you for all the support!

Our mission here at Lazy Panda is to establish an educational and recreational facility for at risk youths!

The Lazy Panda Foundation is a charitable non profit, that provides kids with summer camp opportunities annually. Proceeds raised thru fundraisers and donations provide scholarships, school supplies, and future programs. We thank you for your support!


We are a collective group of individuals from Langley Park, Md, thriving to better our community by GIVING BACK!

Through donations from friend, family and supporters,

 We are able to give back to our Communities!

Each year we offer a opportunity for a child to attend a summer camp of his/her choice!

Summer camps provide educational and cultural development!

Our future is only as great as the minds of our Youths!

■More than 90 percent of the students in Langley Park receive free and reduced-price meals in school, compared to 60 percent of students in Prince George’s and 44 percent of students across Maryland.

■Langley Park's 4-year high school graduation rate is at 45% vs the state average 73% and the nations average at 84%   

■Almost 25 percent of the community’s residents move every year because of eviction, overcrowding and substandard housing.

■Twenty-nine percent of young people said they know someone who sells drugs or is in a gang

■More than one third of the community’s 16- to 19-year-old are working and not in school, four times the national average.

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